World's 1st ES Cell-Linked Transplant to Baby Performed in Japan

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Tokyo, May 21 (Jiji Press)--Japan's National Center for Child Health and Development has said it had performed the world's first transplant of cells derived from embryonic stem, or ES, cells to a baby.

It was also the first transplant of cells derived from ES cells to a liver disease patient in the world and the first to any patient in Japan.

According to the national institute, the baby was born with a urea cycle disorder, which makes it unable to break down harmful ammonia in the liver.

In October last year, the baby was taken to the institute after developing a seizure two days after birth. On the sixth day after birth, 190 million liver cells created from ES cells were injected into the baby from blood vessels leading to the liver.

Five months later, the baby was discharged after also receiving liver tissue from his or her father.

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