Uncovering Motives Key in Probes into KyoAni Arson Attack


Kyoto, May 27 (Jiji Press)--The focus of probes into the Kyoto Animation Co. arson attack last year is exactly what drove the suspect to commit the most deadly confirmed arson case in Japan in at least three decades.

The Kyoto prefectural police arrested Shinji Aoba, 42, on Wednesday, judging that he had recovered sufficiently from injuries he sustained during the attack on a studio of the famous animation house, known as KyoAni, in the western city of Kyoto in July 2019.

In an unusual move, the police prepared a care bed with nursing staff before arresting and putting him into custody, so that they can question him while he is lying in bed.

Aoba suffered serious burns to his whole body. He still cannot eat or go to toilet by himself. It is difficult for him to sit up for a long time.

After skin-graft surgeries and other treatments, Aoba showed some level of recovery. He is no longer in a life-threatening condition, according to investigative sources.

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