School Absence on Coronavirus Worries Not to Count

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Tokyo, June 1 (Jiji Press)--Parents will be allowed to have children stay home from school over novel coronavirus infection fears without being counted as absent if their anxieties prove reasonable, Japan's education ministry has clarified.

According to its written instruction made to education boards nationwide on May 22, at a time when schools are reopening from shutdowns to prevent the spread of the virus, the ministry calls on schools to, first, carefully listen to why parents do not want to send their children to school and explain to them thoroughly about anti-infection measures being taken.

If parents still insist that their children be home on rational grounds such as a rapid increase in the number of untraceable new coronavirus cases, their absence can be treated as "suspended attendance."

Under the school education law, suspended attendance, which is made possible by school principals, means reduction in the number of required attendance days. Therefore, students with suspended attendance have no disadvantage over those without it in terms of academic records.

Schools are also required to suspend attendance by students with asthma and other preexisting conditions, who have high risk of becoming seriously ill when infected with the coronavirus, if their doctors advise that they stay home.

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