INTERVIEW: Keidanren Chief Eager to Promote Digitization, Int'l Cooperation


Tokyo, June 2 (Jiji Press)--Ahead of the start of his second term as chairman of the Japan Business Federation, or Keidanren, Hiroaki Nakanishi expressed his eagerness to accelerate Japan's digitization efforts and strengthen the country's international cooperation to overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

A delay in the application of digital technology to administrative services became clear through the Japanese government's response to the virus crisis, Nakanishi said in a recent interview conducted before Keidanren's regular general meeting Monday that marked the start of his second two-year term as head of the biggest Japanese business lobby.

The government's 100,000-yen universal cash handout program, part of its coronavirus stimulus measures, created great confusion among those who made online applications to receive the benefit.

"It's now clear public authorities had been doing something that would make regular companies go bust," the chairman said of administrative procedures that are apparently falling behind in terms of digitization.

Nakanishi likened the urgency felt by business operators about delayed digitization ruining their companies to "a sense of tingling pain."

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