Cleaning Firms See Prevention-Related Work as Firms Reopen

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Tokyo, June 17 (Jiji Press)--As life in Japan returns to normal following the government's lifting of the state of emergency over the COVID-19 epidemic, professional cleaning services, which were once overwhelmed with disinfection work, are seeing infection prevention-related requests.

The Tokyo Pest Control Association, which disinfects hotel facilities and ambulances used by COVID-19 patients, said it had received over 1,200 consultations in March and April from managers of office and apartment buildings regarding what to do when an infected person is found in their building, prompting a representative to say it became difficult for the group to handle all the work.

However, the number of inquiries decreased from around the end of the Golden Week holiday period in early May, almost proportionally with the number of new infections. The number of requests for advice in May stood at 71.

The decline in infection cases has instead led to an increase in consultations regarding prevention measures.

Unisons, which disinfected the Diamond Princess cruise ship, quarantined off Japan earlier this year due to a cluster of infections, began a service in April giving cleaning instructions to businesses reopening after suspending operations amid the epidemic.

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