4 Japan Expressway Firms Log Revenue Drops amid Virus Spread


Tokyo, June 12 (Jiji Press)--Four of Japan's six expressway operators saw year-on-year drops in toll revenue in fiscal 2019, hit by the fallout from the novel coronavirus crisis, according to their consolidated earnings reports released by Friday.

Traffic volume plunged as people in the country refrained from going out amid the epidemic.

In the year that ended in March, expressway toll revenue at East Nippon Expressway Co., or Nexco East, fell 0.2 pct to 857.4 billion yen, due to the epidemic and strong typhoons that hit the country in September and October last year.

Central Nippon Expressway Co., or Nexco Central, saw its revenue decline 0.5 pct to 689.7 billion yen. Revenue at Metropolitan Expressway Co. decreased 1.9 pct to 263.5 billion yen, and that of Hanshin Expressway Co. dropped 5.1 pct to 178.1 billion yen.

Meanwhile, revenue went up 2.0 pct to 798.2 billion yen at West Nippon Expressway Co., or Nexco West, and 1.7 pct to 66.6 billion yen at Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Co.

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