Experts Worried by Japan's Moves to Ease Entry Restrictions

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Tokyo, June 13 (Jiji Press)--Experts are increasingly concerned by the Japanese government's moves to ease its entry restrictions in place amid the new coronavirus epidemic, saying that a rise in arrivals from abroad will increase the risk of a new wave of infections.

Currently, the government's coronavirus-linked entry ban covers 110 countries and one region, with people who have been to any of these areas in the past two weeks denied entry to Japan in principle.

The government is considering allowing a certain number of people from Vietnam and three other nations to visit Japan from as early as July.

According to an estimate, however, a large-scale outbreak could occur in three months if 10 infected people enter Japan daily. "Border control measures cannot be perfect," an expert warned, urging the government to take appropriate steps, such as restricting entries.

The estimate was made by experts, including Hokkaido University professor Hiroshi Nishiura, who specializes in theoretical epidemiology.

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