Japan Convenience Stores Boosting Plastic Reduction Efforts


Tokyo, June 18 (Jiji Press)--Three major Japanese convenience store operators are accelerating efforts to reduce plastic use, aiming to fully switch to environmentally friendly materials for packages for their own brand products by 2050.

From this month, Seven-Eleven Japan Co. is shifting in stages to paper packages for its four regular cold "bento" boxed meal products, a move estimated to reduce the amount of plastic it uses by some 800 tons a year. The company has already stopped using plastic films and covers for prepared food products, cutting plastic use by 10-25 pct.

Lawson Inc. <2651> aims to reduce the amount of plastic by some 1,100 tons a year by using paper packages for iced coffee and other chilled beverages. The company has set a target of reducing plastic use for packages by 30 pct by 2030 from the 2017 level.

FamilyMart Co. <8028> has decided to use paper and biomass-based packages for salad and yogurt beverages. The company is determined to raise the proportion of its products sold in eco-friendly packages to some 30 pct by next February, hoping to cut plastic use by 4,400 tons a year.

At a time when plastic waste is becoming a major global issue, attention has been paid to efforts by retailers, which are closely related to people's daily lives, pundits said.

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