Opposition Team to Probe LDP Funds for Kawai Campaign


Tokyo, June 24 (Jiji Press)--The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and three other opposition parties decided Wednesday to launch a joint team this week to look into a campaign scandal involving former Justice Minister Katsuyuki Kawai and his wife, Anri.

The opposition team will focus on the transfer of 150 million yen from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to the Kawai side ahead of the 2019 House of Councillors election, in which Anri Kawai won a seat of the Hiroshima constituency in western Japan.

The Kawais were arrested last week for allegedly distributing cash to local politicians and others to gain their support for the wife’s election campaign. Both resigned from the LDP before their arrests, but remain as lawmakers.

The opposition team will investigate whether there was a link between the 150-million-yen transfer and the cash distribution, and whether Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, president of the LDP, was involved in the matter.

“It seems unlikely that the 150 million yen was transferred without the prime minister’s approval,” CDPJ parliamentary affairs chief Jun Azumi told reporters on Wednesday.

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