Japan Court Rules against NHK on Viewing Contract Suit


Tokyo, June 26 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo District Court ruled Friday that a plaintiff whose television set has been set up so as not to receive TV signals from NHK does not bear a duty to sign a viewing contract with the Japanese public broadcaster.

The TV is equipped with a filter device that significantly weakens its reception of signals from NHK, whose official name is Japan Broadcasting Corp.

It is the first time that the broadcaster has lost a suit in which the plaintiff having a TV with a device to block signals from NHK sought a verdict finding no obligation to conclude a viewing contract with it. NHK previously won three such cases, while the plaintiff withdrew the petition in a different case, according to the broadcaster.

According to Friday’s verdict, the plaintiff, a woman in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward, holds a critical view of NHK’s forceful viewing fee collection.

After learning that an associate professor at the University of Tsukuba was developing a filter device that weakens only signals from NHK, she contacted the associate professor and bought a TV furnished with the filter from a nonprofit organization headed by the university teacher for 3,000 yen in October 2018, and set up the TV at her home.

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