Tokyo Court Rejects Damages Claim against Govt in Forced Sterilization Suit


Tokyo, June 30 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo District Court dismissed on Tuesday a damages suit filed against the Japanese government by a resident of the capital who was forcibly sterilized in 1957 under the now-defunct eugenic protection law.

This is the second ruling rejecting a demand for state compensation for forced sterilizations, after one in May last year by Sendai District Court.

The 77-year-old plaintiff is set to challenge the day's ruling.

The man filed the lawsuit in May 2018 seeking 30 million yen in damages and the government's publication of its apology, after becoming aware through a media report of the fact that the law sterilized him without consent. He was forced to have surgery at an antenatal hospital in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, at age 14.

Tokyo District Court Presiding Judge Masaharu Ito concluded that it was "wrong" that he was sterilized although he was not suffering from disabilities or mental disorders.

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