14 Evacuation Centers Became Unusable during Kyushu Rains

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Tokyo, July 13 (Jiji Press)--At least 14 evacuation centers in three prefectures in the Kyushu southwestern Japan region became unusable due to flooding and other reasons during the recent downpours that mainly hit the region.

"Each of us needs to protect our own lives proactively, thinking that places so far considered safe may no longer be," one expert said.

Flooding could have been expected at the 14 evacuation centers, all of which are apparently located in flood hazard zones.

In Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto Prefecture, where the Kuma River flooded, two evacuation centers were closed in the small hours of Tuesday, forcing evacuees there to move to other facilities located on higher ground. Both centers were inundated with water later.

Yatsushiro, also Kumamoto, could not open five places designated as evacuation centers Tuesday morning because they had already been flooded.

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