Not-Guilty Ruling Reversed in Tokyo over Molestation by Doctor


Tokyo, July 13 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo High Court overturned Monday a lower court's acquittal ruling for a doctor over the alleged molestation of a female patient right after a surgery.

Presiding Judge Yoshifumi Asayama gave a two-year sentence to Susumu Sekine, concluding that the 44-year-old doctor committed the crime by giving the patient "a mistaken impression that it was a medical examination."

According to the ruling, read by another judge on behalf of Asayama, in May 2016 Sekine licked the left breast of the woman he operated on, at a hospital in the capital's Adachi Ward where he worked as a part-time mammary gland surgeon.

The main focus of the trial had been whether the patient suffered postoperative delirium and was hallucinating due to general anesthesia.

Asayama said in the ruling that woman was "not hallucinating even if she was in postoperative delirium," pointing out that she asked her superior for help by texting a message.

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