Season's 1st Saury Fetches Record 100,000 Yen per kg in Tokyo

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Tokyo, July 16 (Jiji Press)--Saury, a taste of autumn in Japan, sold for 100,000 yen per kilogram in this year's first auction at Tokyo's Toyosu wholesale food market on Thursday, the highest price ever in the Japanese capital, including during the time of the market's predecessor.

Reflecting an extremely small amount of saury delivered to the Toyosu market due to poor catch, the wholesale price per fish stood at 12,500 yen.

The market received only 8 kilograms, or 69 pieces, less than one-10th of the usual amount.

The season's first saury, caught by small boats that kicked off their fishing season in early July off Hokkaido's east coast, were part of a haul that was auctioned off at a fish market in Kushiro, in the northernmost Japan prefecture, on Wednesday.

The saury price per kilogram in Thursday's auction beat the previous high of 25,000 yen marked in July 2016 at the now-defunct Tsukiji fish market, the Toyosu market's predecessor, due to a spike in local prices stemming from a poor catch.

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