Top Court Backs Fine on Cartoonist for Sending 3D Genitals Data


Tokyo, July 16 (Jiji Press)--The Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed an appeal filed by cartoonist Megumi Igarashi against a lower court sentence of a 400,000-yen fine on her for distributing to her supporters 3D data on her genitals.

The top court's First Petty Bench, presided by Justice Hiroshi Koike, acknowledged that the data were obscene, noting that it is reasonable to make such a judgment after seeing what is visualized from the data.

In 2016, Tokyo District Court acquitted Igarashi, known by her pen name of Rokudenashiko, of charges of exhibiting a plaster model of her genitals but found her guilty of transmitting obscene electromagnetic records.

The district court deemed that the 3D data offer a graphic image of genitals, provoking the viewer's sexual desire, while pointing out that the plaster model can be hardly recognized as the organs.

After Tokyo High Court upheld the ruling in 2017, Igarashi, 48, appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.

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