Talent Agency "Ishihara Promotion" to Close after 58 Yrs

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Tokyo, July 17 (Jiji Press)--Ishihara International Productions Inc., established by the late Japanese movie star and singer Yujiro Ishihara, will end its talent agency operations in January next year, it was learned Friday.

The major Japanese talent agency, better known as “Ishihara Promotion,” which has had many hit police drama series, including “Seibu Keisatsu” (Western Police), will end its 58-year-long history, according to a notice issued in the name of Ishihara’s widow, Makiko, 86, who heads the company.

Founded in 1963, the agency has such famous Japanese actors as Tetsuya Watari, 78, and Hiroshi Tachi, 70. After starting with its film business, the company later launched television drama operations. Actors belonging to the agency are known as “Ishihara Gundan,” or Ishihara brigade members.

According to the notice, the end of the company’s talent agency operations is based on the will of the late founder and was decided while taking into account the declining physical strength of Makiko.

Operations to manage copyrights held by the agency will be transferred to a different company.

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