Coronavirus Death Toll in Japan Tops 1,000

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Tokyo, July 20 (Jiji Press)--The death toll from the novel coronavirus topped 1,000 in Japan on Monday, about five months after the country's first fatal case was reported Feb. 13.

The cumulative number, including foreign cruise ship-related cases, increased by two to 1,001 after Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture each reported a new fatal case.

By prefecture, the death toll was highest at 327 in Tokyo, followed by 102 in Hokkaido, 98 in Kanagawa, 86 in Osaka, 69 in Saitama, 46 in Chiba and 45 in Hyogo.

The first fatal case in the country was a woman of Kanagawa, near Tokyo, in her 80s.

The daily number of fatal cases rose on many days in April and hit a peak of 32 on May 2.

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