Meteor Shower Hits Earth, Moon 800 M. Yrs Ago: Japanese Team

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Tokyo, July 22 (Jiji Press)--A shower of meteorites bombarded Earth and the moon about 800 million years ago, possibly triggering big environmental changes on the blue planet, a Japanese team has said.

The team, including Osaka University professor Kentaro Terada, analyzed image data from the Japanese lunar orbiter Kaguya to date 59 moon craters with diameters larger than around 20 kilometers.

Of them, eight to 17 were found to have been formed around the same time, including the Copernicus crater with a diameter of 93 kilometers.

The team concluded that meteorites with diameters of several kilometers to 10 kilometers rained on the moon about 800 million years ago, given that samples collected by NASA's Apollo program had found that the Copernicus crater was formed around that time.

Also around the same time, many meteorites are believed to have hit Earth, the team said.

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