Spotlight Shed on Cardboard Partitions at Shelters amid Pandemic

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Nagoya, July 27 (Jiji Press)--Cardboard partitions are attracting attention as shields to prevent the infection of the novel coronavirus via droplets among people staying at disaster shelters following the recent heavy rains that hit some regions in Japan.

An increasing number of Japanese companies are developing such cardboard products, which can be assembled easily, change their shapes freely and can be recycled.

Kato Danboru Co. developed a cardboard partition product for use at shelters jointly with the city government of Noda, Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, after the Tokyo-based company introduced to the municipality a desk partition product to prevent coronavirus infection.

The company plans to deliver to the municipality 2,100 sets of the cardboard partition product, whose reference price is set at 4,300 yen per unit.

The jointly developed partition product is 2 meters in length and width and 1.45 meters in height, when assembled. It is designed for use by three people at a time.

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