Pedal Mix-Ups More Common Cause of Fatal Accidents by Elderly

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Tokyo, July 31 (Jiji Press)--Of fatal traffic accidents caused by drivers aged 75 or above in Japan last year, 7.0 pct resulted from mix-ups between the brake and the accelerator, up from 5.4 pct in 2018, a government report showed Friday.

Driving errors, including pedal mix-ups, were the causes of 28 pct of all 401 fatal traffic accidents by such elderly drivers in 2019, according to the annual government white paper on traffic safety.

The report, adopted at Friday’s cabinet meeting, featured traffic accident data following the recent high-profile fatal accidents involving aged drivers and child victims.

The total of overall traffic accidents and that of people injured in such accidents both fell for the 15th consecutive year.

The death toll from traffic accidents fell to 3,215, the lowest since statistics under the current format began in 1948.

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