Memorial Service Held 25 Yrs after Tokyo Supermarket Shooting


Tokyo, Aug. 1 (Jiji Press)--A memorial service was held on Saturday to commemorate 25 years since a 1995 fatal shooting incident involving three female part-time workers at a supermarket in Hachioji, western Tokyo.

The ceremony was held at J.F. Oberlin Senior High School in Machida in Tokyo, which one of the victims, 17-year-old Megumi Yabuki, attended at the time.

Some 15 people attended the event, led by 69-year-old Takahisa Ito, the head teacher of Yabuki's grade at the time.

"Yabuki herself must be feeling most frustrated by this," Ito said during his prayer. "The assailant must come forward, reveal the whole story regarding the incident, and face punishments."

"I still wonder why she had to die," company worker Megumi Takano, 42, who was in the same grade as Yabuki in junior high and high school, said after the service.

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