U.S. Leaders Knew A-Bombs Unnecessary to Win War: LA Times Op-Ed

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Washington, Aug. 6 (Jiji Press)--U.S. leaders knew that they did not have to drop atomic bombs on Japan 75 year ago to win World War II, according to an opinion piece the Los Angeles Times ran in its online edition Wednesday.

The claim stands against what the article said is “the accepted wisdom in the United States” that dropping the atomic bombs on the western Japan city of Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945, and on the southwestern city of Nagasaki three days later “was the only way to end the World War II without an invasion that would have cost hundreds and thousands of American and perhaps millions of Japanese lives.”

The article was contributed to the paper by two historians--Gar Alperovitz, co-founder of U.S. think tank Democracy Collaborative, and Martin J. Sherwin, a professor at George Mason University.

Alperovitz is known as the author of “The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb,” which argues that the main reason for dropping the bombs on Japan was to threaten the former Soviet Union.

“The overwhelming historical evidence from American and Japanese archives indicates that Japan would have surrendered that August, even if atomic bombs had not been used,” the article said. Documents prove that then U.S. President Harry Truman and his closest advisers “knew it,” it added.

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