Koike Asks Tokyoites to Avoid Travel during "Bon" Holiday

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Tokyo, Aug. 6 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike on Thursday called on residents to refrain from making trips outside the Japanese capital, such as to parents' homes, during the summer breaks, including the "Bon" period in mid-August, amid the novel coronavirus crisis.

At a press conference, the governor also reiterated the metropolitan government's requests for Tokyoites not to visit entertainment districts at night and hold dining sessions with alcoholic drinks after 10 p.m.

The number of coronavirus infections through contact with family members is increasing recently in Tokyo. "I want you to refrain from homecoming trips (this summer) to protect your families and medical workers," Koike said.

On the central government stopping short of asking Japanese people for restraints on homecoming trips, Koike said different regions have different circumstances, while noting that Tokyo is excluded from the state's Go To Travel campaign for tourism promotion.

Earlier on Thursday, the Tokyo metropolitan government held a meeting to analyze the infection situation in the capital. According to data submitted to the meeting, infections through contact with infected family members accounted for the largest share of recent coronavirus cases in Tokyo, with the rate standing particularly high for elderly people.

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