Hospital Occupancy Key to Fresh Emergency Declaration

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Tokyo, Aug. 7 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese government team on novel coronavirus measures Friday proposed hospital bed occupancy as a key indicator the government should monitor to judge whether to issue another COVID-19 state of emergency.

The subcommittee of a government specialist panel proposed categorizing the severity of the novel coronavirus epidemic into four stages.

It laid out six indicators for use by the central and prefectural governments to determine that the epidemic is in stage 3 or higher. Stage 4, the worst of the four, is considered to require a state of emergency declaration by the central government.

The six indicators are scarcity of hospital beds, number of patients and other virus carriers, rate of positive results in polymerase chain reaction tests, number of newly confirmed infection cases, comparisons between the current and previous weeks and proportion of coronavirus cases for which infection routes are unknown.

The state of the epidemic should be assessed as stage 4 if indicators reach certain levels, including 50 pct for the occupancy rate for hospital beds that can be secured for infected people, the subgroup said.

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