Chrysanthemum Growers Worried about "Bon" Travel Restraints


Hekinan, Aichi Pref., Aug. 11 (Jiji Press)--Growers of chrysanthemums in Japan are increasingly worried about local authorities' requests for people to refrain from trips to parents' homes during the "Bon" holiday period due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Sales of chrysanthemums, mainly white ones, surge in the Bon period, related to Buddhism, when many people visit their hometowns and place the flower in front of their family graves. The coronavirus crisis has changed the landscape this year.

Demand for chrysanthemums has already been slow due to a tendency to scale down funeral services amid the epidemic.

In the central prefecture of Aichi, the biggest flower-growing prefecture in Japan, white chrysanthemum shipments peaked ahead of the Bon period.

On Tuesday morning, Tadayuki Okabe, 47, loaded fresh-cut "Sei no Issei" brand white chrysanthemums on a truck. The chrysanthemum grower in the city of Hekinan, Aichi, whose father embarked on the business, shipped the flowers in bud so that they will bloom when they are delivered to customers, mainly in the Tohoku northeastern and Kanto eastern regions, in a week.

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