Fireworks Selling Well in Japan amid Virus Crisis


Tokyo, Aug. 13 (Jiji Press)--Fireworks for general use are selling well in Japan amid a host of cancellations of fireworks shows, a traditional summer feature in the country, due to the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus.

Fireworks sold in stores can be enjoyed with fewer risks of creating three Cs, or closed, crowded and close-contact settings, industry people said, adding that demand is expected to grow further as summer is in full swing now.

Fireworks, including handheld ones, usually start hitting store shelves around the Golden Week holiday period between late April and early May.

Major fireworks maker Inagakiya Co. in the city of Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, saw its monthly sales in May-July grow about 20 to 30 pct from a year before. "Demand for our products is on the rise" as people are looking for something fun to do around their homes amid trends to refrain from going out due to the epidemic, an official of the company said.

Fireworks sales in summer, the peak-demand season, usually account for some 80 pct of the annual total, according to the official. "We hope to provide people with a healing and soothing time through fireworks as it remains unclear when the virus crisis will die down."

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