Ainu Group Files Lawsuit to Confirm Salmon-Fishing Right


Sapporo, Aug. 18 (Jiji Press)--Ainu indigenous people have filed a lawsuit with Sapporo District Court to confirm that they have the right to fish for salmon as part of their indigenous rights.

The plaintiffs are members of an organization of people claiming to be descendants of a small Ainu group that existed near the Urahorotokachi river in Hokkaido, northernmost Japan,

They filed the suit against the central government and the Hokkaido governor Monday to confirm their salmon-catching right at the river mouth.

Salmon fishing is banned under the fishery resources protection law and other rules but is partially allowed to Ainu people mainly for the purpose of preserving tradition.

The plaintiffs claim they have inherited the salmon-fishing right for living from the small group, adding that they have the right as a group.

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