One-Third of LDP Lawmakers Want Rank-and-File Voting


Tokyo, Sept. 1 (Jiji Press)--Over a third of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s lawmakers have called for allowing rank-and-file party members to vote in its upcoming leadership election.

LDP Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai received the request in writing on Monday. The written request was signed by 145 LDP lawmakers including Hakubun Shimomura, chairman of the party’s Election Strategy Committee, as well as hundreds of local assembly members from 22 prefectures.

The move came as the party plans to omit rank-and-file voting from the leadership poll, claiming that it is necessary to select promptly the successor to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is set to step down for health reasons.

“We need a strong leader with broad-based support,” Fumiaki Kobayashi, director of the LDP Youth Division, told reporters after submitting the request to Nikai.

At the meeting with Kobayashi and others, Nikai said he will consider the request carefully.

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