Drill for Possible Nankai Trough Quake Conducted

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Tokyo, Sept. 1 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government held on Tuesday, the country's Disaster Prevention Day, a comprehensive disaster drill on the assumption that a huge earthquake occurred at the Nankai Trough off the Pacific coast of central to southwestern Japan.

In the drill, an emergency disaster response headquarters headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was established. The headquarters was connected to the western prefectures of Tokushima and Kochi and also to the southwestern prefecture of Oita by videoconference to confirm coordination.

The drill was held assuming that a 9.1-magnitude earthquake took place with an epicenter off the southern coast of Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan, at around 7:10 a.m. (10:10 p.m. Monday GMT). The quake hypothetically hit 10 prefectures, including Shizuoka and Aichi, both central Japan, with an intensity of 7, the highest reading on the Japanese seismic intensity scale, and 11 prefectures, including Osaka and Hiroshima, both western Japan, with an intensity of upper 6.

Joining the disaster response headquarters' meeting online, Tokushima Governor Kamon Iizumi, Kochi Governor Seiji Hamada and Oita Governor Katsusada Hirose reported the extent of presumptive damage in their prefectures. The governors called on the central government to provide material support for implementing countermeasures against the novel coronavirus at evacuation shelters and swiftly dispatch rescue teams.

Later in the drill, the government held a special cabinet meeting to decide the basic policy for dealing with the disaster. Abe then attended a press conference and called on the public to take action to protect their lives.

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