Fujitsu, Hospital Developing AI Technology for COVID-19 Diagnosis

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Tokyo, Sept. 2 (Jiji Press)--Fujitsu Ltd. <6702> and Tokyo Shinagawa Hospital said on Wednesday they have begun a research to develop artificial intelligence-based technology to speed up COVID-19 diagnosis.

The AI technology will be used to support the diagnostic imaging of coronavirus-linked pneumonia via computed tomography images of the chest, said the Japanese tech company and the hospital.

For the diagnosis of COVID-19, chest CT tests are being used together with polymerase chain reaction tests. But doctors have to check hundreds of images per patient to make lung disease diagnoses, which has been a heavy burden.

In the research project, the AI technology will learn from the characteristics of shadow patterns shown in CT images of COVID-19 patients, so that it can find possible coronavirus infections.

The developers did not comment on when the technology might be put to commercial use.

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