Japan to Draw Up Rules on Meat Substitute Products

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Tokyo, Sept. 4 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese agriculture ministry is set to start work with the private sector on drawing up rules on meat substitute products, made from vegetable proteins such as those from soybeans.

Production of meat substitutes is more environmentally friendly than that of meat. They are also expected to help prevent future food shortages.

The ministry will step up studies for establishing a certification system to guarantee the quality of meat substitutes in order to promote their use.

Food makers will take the lead in discussions on details of the system at a public-private council, to be established by the ministry as early as this month. Standards for quality and environmental friendliness will be set under the system, with private-sector firms likely to take the charge of giving certification.

Plant-based meat, made with vegetable proteins, and lab-grown meat, synthetically produced using cattle cells, are available as meat substitutes. The ministry will first focus on drawing up rules on plant-based meat, the market for which is expected to grow.

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