Go To Travel’s Coupon Scheme to Begin Oct. 1


Tokyo, Sept. 8 (Jiji Press)--The Japan Tourism Agency said Tuesday the “Go To Travel” tourism promotion campaign’s coupon scheme will begin on Oct. 1.

Under the scheme, coupons worth 15 pct of travel expenditures will be issued for use at souvenir shops and eateries at travel destinations.

Combined with the 35 pct discount scheme that began on July 22, the campaign will cover half of travel costs in order to spur tourism demand, which has been dampened by the novel coronavirus crisis.

Also on Tuesday, the agriculture ministry said it has started the registration of eateries participating in the discount meal coupon program of the government’s “Go To Eat” campaign supporting eateries hit hard by the pandemic. The meal coupons are expected to put on sale in mid-September in some areas at the earliest.

The Go To Travel coupons will be issued on paper and digitally, in denominations of 1,000 yen. The number of issued coupons is rounded up if 15 pct of travel expenses results in a figure with a remainder of 500 yen or more, and rounded down if not.

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