Businesses Rolling Out Goods Related to New Japan PM Suga

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Tokyo, Sept. 19 (Jiji Press)--Hoping to turn the first change of Japan's prime minister in seven years and nine months into new business opportunities, companies in the country are releasing a string of products related to the new leader, Yoshihide Suga.

Such goods range from cups with portraits of past and current prime ministers to snacks associated with Suga.

A pottery maker in the city of Toki, Gifu Prefecture, central Japan, created three kinds of "yunomi" Japanese teacups featuring Suga--two kinds showing small portraits of all Japanese prime ministers starting from Hirobumi Ito up until Suga and one kind with a drawing depicting Suga holding up a calligraphic work to announce Japan's new era name, Reiwa, in April last year, when he was serving as chief cabinet secretary.

The pottery maker has been making prime minister-related yunomi cups since 1976, when Takeo Fukuda became prime minister.

The company has already received orders for a total of some 10,000 Suga-related cups, including orders that were placed before he was elected prime minister on Wednesday.

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