Decline in Coronavirus Cases Slowing Down in Japan: Panel

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Tokyo, Sept. 24 (Jiji Press)--The ongoing downtrend in the daily number of new coronavirus cases in Japan is slowing down, an advisory board of the health ministry said Thursday.

The panel suggested the possibility that the novel coronavirus is spreading through people eating or working together, in line with the revitalization of social activities.

In the week through Tuesday, 3,287 people were newly confirmed to be positive for the coronavirus across the country, down from 3,731 in the preceding week.

As of Sept. 4, the effective reproduction number, or the average number of people whom an infected person transmits the virus to, came to 0.99 in the Kanto eastern region including Tokyo, 1.11 in the Chukyo central region including Aichi Prefecture and 1.05 in the Kansai western region including Osaka Prefecture, against 0.97 for the whole country.

Since the final week of August, the number has moved around 1.0 for Tokyo, Osaka and Aichi, while staying close to 1.0 for the country.

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