Shodai Promoted to 2nd-Highest Sumo Rank of Ozeki


Tokyo, Sept. 30 (Jiji Press)--The Japan Sumo Association unanimously decided Wednesday to promote sekiwake Shodai to the second-highest rank of ozeki for the November grand sumo tournament.

Representing the association, director Kagamiyama and stablemaster Tatekawa visited the Tokitsukaze stable, to which the 28-year-old wrestler belongs, in Tokyo's Sumida Ward to inform him of the promotion.

"In order to live up to (expectations linked to) the title of ozeki, I will push forward with sumo with a spirit of staying sincere to the very end," Shodai said to the messengers. Stablemaster Edagawa, who belongs to the stable as a coach, joined the occasion on behalf of stablemaster Tokitsukaze, who has suffered an acute disease.

Shodai is the second wrestler to become a new ozeki this year, following Asanoyama, who clinched the position after the March tournament.

As a wrestler born in Kumamoto Prefecture, southwestern Japan, Shodai reached the ozeki rank for the first time in 58 years since Tochihikari in 1962.

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