Website Opened to Show How Wanted Fugitives Look Now


Tokyo, Sept. 30 (Jiji Press)--Yahoo Japan Corp. and two other companies opened a website Wednesday to seek information about wanted fugitives with artificial intelligence-generated images showing how they would look now.

The website, called Tehai, was established by Yahoo Japan, digital marketing business Dentsu Digital Inc. and Party, which creates images of wanted fugitives, in cooperation with the National Police Agency.

On Tehai, nine patterns of images are posted, showing how suspects put on wanted lists long ago would look like now. The images are created with AI programs that studied vast amounts of facial photo data.

The AI-based images take into account how the appearances of fugitives might have changed from those in their old pictures used in conventional posters seeking information about them.

The three companies proposed the project to the agency as part of their social contribution efforts. The agency provided information about wanted fugitives, including their old pictures.

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