Coronavirus-Related Cybercrime Cases Total 608 in Jan.-June


Tokyo, Oct. 1 (Jiji Press)--There were a total of 608 cybercrime cases related to the novel coronavirus epidemic that were handled by police across Japan in the first half of 2020, the National Police Agency said Thursday.

Cases, including consultations, regarding the epidemic were reported in 44 prefectures after late February. Of the total, 286 cases, or 47 pct, were fraud cases in which victims ordered face masks online but did not receive them.

Other cases include people being sent suspicious emails from those who claim to be mobile phone companies telling them to access a website link to apply for cash benefits distributed by the government, totaling 115 cases, and 55 theft cases of credit card information that was entered to buy face masks.

There were also 57 cases of obstruction of business, such as false information posted online claiming that infected people are in certain eateries, including those leading to police action.

Multiple cyberattacks on companies regarding the novel coronavirus were also confirmed. Hackers are believed to have sought to steal information by pretending to be an actual public health center and urging email recipients to open attached files.

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