Sardines Stealing Spotlight from Saury in Japan Fishing Areas


Tokyo, Oct. 12 (Jiji Press)--Fishermen are seeing bountiful hauls of sardines at major fishing areas off the northernmost Japan prefecture of Hokkaido and Sanriku coastal areas in northeastern Japan, in place of saury, which has been hit by poor catches.

As many sardines put on fat before the winter, they are becoming popular at retailers in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

In a fishing area located off the coasts of the Hokkaido cities of Kushiro and Nemuro, which is usually full of fishermen catching saury at this time of year, sardines are stealing the spotlight.

Fishing boats are also unloading sardine catches at ports in prefectures along the Sanriku coast, including Aomori, Iwate and Miyagi.

The amount of sardines caught in the fishing area in Hokkaido and unloaded at the ports in the Sanriku coast totaled some 7,400 tons in September, slightly higher than that a year before. The figure was seven times that of saury during the same month.

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