Wider Use of Reusable Bags Causes Problems at Supermarkets

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Tokyo, Oct. 3 (Jiji Press)--Supermarkets in Japan are having a hard time combating an increasing number of shoplifters who use their reusable shopping bags and shoppers who take away stores' shopping baskets.

Such problems have arisen in the three months after all retailers across the country were required to charge customers for plastic bags in an effort to reduce plastic waste.

At Akidai Sekimachi Honten, a supermarket in Tokyo's Nerima Ward, about 80 pct of its customers started bringing their own bags after July, which prompted the store to tighten security against shoplifters.

Many shoplifters simply put groceries in their own shopping bags and leave, according to the store. Also, one shopper with a store shopping basket containing unpaid products bypassed the checkout counter and put them in the shopper's own bag.

After the incident, the store in August started using different colors for baskets before and after payment.

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