Yamanashi Assembly Opposes Elimination of Hanko Seal System


Kofu, Yamanashi Pref., Oct. 6 (Jiji Press)--The prefectural assembly of Yamanashi, central Japan, on Tuesday unanimously approved a written statement demanding that the use of “hanko” personal seals in authorizing documents be maintained, in a challenge to recent movements for scrapping such a system to promote the digitalization of society.

The assembly voiced its opposition to ending the use of personal seals from the standpoint of protecting local businesses, as the prefecture is known for its hand-carved hanko, designated as a traditional craft of the country.

The hanko system stands as “a symbol of Japan,” the statement said. The traditional use of personal seals “is not something that should be rejected, and it can coexist with the digitalization of procedures,” it said.

The statement said that the hanko system has been undeservedly pilloried for blocking efforts to promote remote working.

The assembly called on the central government to make efforts to protect hanko makers from reputation damage and help them expand sales channels, including in foreign countries.

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