Japan Sees 1st N-Waste Survey Application in 13 Yrs

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Tokyo, Oct. 9 (Jiji Press)--A Hokkaido town Friday became the first Japanese municipality in 13 years to apply for a first-stage survey to decide where to build a final disposal site for high-level radioactive waste from power plants.

Haruo Kataoka, the mayor of Suttsu, the town in the northernmost prefecture, submitted related documents to the Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan, or NUMO, in Tokyo.

Suttsu is the second municipality that has applied for the so-called literature survey. The town of Toyo, Kochi Prefecture, western Japan, made such an application in 2007 but later canceled it under a new mayor rejecting the survey.

Industry ministry staff dispatched to the village of Kamoenai, also Hokkaido, made a proposal Friday for the village to accept a literature survey.

Kamoenai is the first municipality to receive such a proposal since the government revised its basic policy on nuclear waste final disposal in 2015 so that it can ask a municipality to accept surveys to select the location of a nuclear waste final disposal facility.

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