Japan Govt to Notify Victims’ Side of Death Row Executions


Tokyo, Oct. 21 (Jiji Press)--Japan’s Justice Ministry introduced on Wednesday a system in which the executions of death row inmates are informed to people on the side of victims of the criminal cases concerned via document or phone if they wish.

To make such notifications possible, the existing mechanism to inform people concerned of the results of criminal trials, the scheduled dates of inmates’ releases from prison, the dates when they were released and other information was expanded.

Victims and their relatives, as well as people effectively regarded as relatives, such as those who were engaged or in common-law marriage with the victims, and attorneys will be informed of the executions, and the dates when and the places where the capital punishment was carried out.

They will also be informed if inmates die due to reasons other than execution, such as illness.

A notification via phone will be made before the justice minister announces the execution at a news conference. A document on such notification will be mailed on the day of the execution.

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