Japan Govt to Seek Message Forwarding for Carrier Changes


Tokyo, Oct. 22 (Jiji Press)--Japan’s communications ministry is considering asking major mobile phone operators to create a system to forward email for customers who switch carriers, it has been learned.

The request will be included in the ministry’s policy package for promoting competition among carriers in order to reduce mobile phone fees. The ministry will announce the package as early as Tuesday.

It is thought that mobile phone users tend to hesitate to switch carriers as the email addresses issued by the original carriers will become unusable after they change carriers.

In the package, the ministry will also call for the introduction of an embedded subscriber identity module, or eSIM, instead of conventional SIM cards.

Currently, it takes several days for customers applying for carrier changes on the internet to receive new SIM cards by postal mail. But an eSIM allows mobile phone lines to be switched immediately.

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