Vinegar-Based Nonalcoholic Cocktails Catching On in Kansai

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Kobe, Oct. 26 (Jiji Press)--A total of 45 bars and other establishments in the Kansai western Japan region have joined an initiative to serve vinegar-based nonalcoholic cocktails, mainly for nondrinkers and drivers.

Kazuhiro Soga, a 60-year-old food journalist, proposed the initiative after being asked by a restaurant early this year about the possibility of "shrub" mixed drinks that are popular in Britain becoming a boom in Japan as well.

Later, Soga asked a bartender he knows and female students of a university where he is teaching to create recipes for such drinks, believing that vinegar will make the taste of beverages richer as shrubs are nonalcoholic drinks using fruit vinegar.

Among the 21 drinks created in the initiative are "White Groove," made from yogurt, black vinegar, grapefruit juice and spices, and tasting like a lassi, and "Garnet Love," made with black oolong tea and apple vinegar.

Kazuya Morisaki, a 43-year-old bartender and the owner of Bar Savoy Hommage in the city of Kobe, the capital of Hyogo Prefecture, noted that White Groove is popular among customers, quoting one of them as saying: "It has an aftertaste like an alcoholic drink. I want to order this when I can't drink."

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