E-Sports Eyed for Health Benefits

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Tokyo, Oct. 26 (Jiji Press)--"E-sports," or competitive gaming, is being eyed by medical experts for its potential benefits to health.

E-sports are gaining interest as many people have been forced to stay home amid the novel coronavirus epidemic, and some hospitals and care facilities have started using it as a form of rehabilitation exercise.

The University of Tsukuba hosted an e-sports soccer game tournament in July, in which a team of younger lecturers at the university studied the effects of the game on 13 participating students.

The study, led by assistant professor Takashi Matsui, found from attaching heart rate sensors to the students that their heartbeats while playing the soccer game rose from around 60 to 70 beats per minute on average to over 100 beats per minute, about the same as that of a walking person.

The study also found from collecting saliva samples that the concentration of male hormones in the players' saliva, which usually rises during exercise, increased while playing.

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