No Revision to Japan Govt Employees' Salaries Recommended


Tokyo, Oct. 28 (Jiji Press)--Japan's National Personnel Authority on Wednesday adopted a recommendation to forgo a revision to the monthly salaries of national government employees for fiscal 2020.

Such a recommendation is the first in seven years. The NPA had proposed salary hikes for six years in a row, in line with pay growth in the private sector.

The latest recommendation came as the NPA found no need to revise government employees' salaries, based on its survey result that their average salary stood at 408,868 yen in April this year, only 0.04 pct, or 164 yen, higher than the average among private-sector workers.

Meanwhile, the uptrend in private-sector wages appeared to be sustained, albeit weak, in this spring's pay negotiations, while the impact of the coronavirus epidemic was limited.

Given its earlier recommendation to cut bonuses for fiscal 2020 to 4.45 months' worth of salaries, down 0.05 month from the previous year, the annual incomes of government employees, whose average age is 43.2, are expected to fall by 21,000 yen to 6,734,000 yen.

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