Suga’s Rejection of Council Nominees “Clearly Illegal”: CDP Edano


Tokyo, Oct. 28 (Jiji Press)--Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s rejection of some nominees to the Science Council of Japan was “clearly illegal,” Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan leader Yukio Edano said at a parliamentary meeting Wednesday.

The main opposition party’s leader opened the first parliamentary debate between Suga and opposition party leaders, a day after the prime minister delivered his first policy address to the Diet, the country’s parliament.

At the House of Representatives plenary meeting on Wednesday, Edano demanded the prime minister disclose the reason for his refusal to appoint six nominees to the council, which represents the country’s science community.

The CDP leader pointed out that Suga’s rejection of the nominees contradicts the government’s position, expressed to the Diet in 1983, that appointing SCJ members is an only ceremonial right for the government.

Edano expressed doubts about Suga’s explanation that he did not see a list of 105 SCJ member candidates presented by the council, and asked whether it was the prime minister who decided to reject the six nominees, who were included in the full candidate list.

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