Highly Pathogenic Avian Flu Virus Found in Northern Japan


Sapporo, Oct. 31 (Jiji Press)--A highly pathogenic avian influenza virus has been found from wild duck droppings in the city of Monbetsu in Hokkaido, the government of the northernmost Japan prefectural said.

Found in the feces, sampled by Hokkaido University on Oct. 24, was the H5N8 subtype virus, according to the prefecture. This marked the first case of a highly pathogenic bird flu virus being confirmed in Japan since 2018, the prefecture said.

No wild bird has been reported to have died of avian flu in Monbetsu, the prefecture said.

The Hokkaido government is set to take measures, such as conducting a survey of birds within a 10-kilometer radius of the place where the wild bird droppings were found.

A prefectural government official said that the virus will not transmit to humans unless in special circumstances, such as contacting living birds that are infected with the virus.

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