Raising, Selling of Nonnative Crayfish Banned in Japan

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Tokyo, Nov. 2 (Jiji Press)--Raising and selling of all nonnative species of crayfish, excluding red swamp crayfish, became prohibited in principle in Japan on Monday, with such species added to the list of invasive foreign creatures.

The addition came as such nonnative crayfish are feared having negative effects on existing ecosystems if they escape or are dumped in nature.

Meanwhile, red swamp crayfish, whose scientific name is procambarus clarkii, was exempt from the ban this time, due to growing concerns that many of them could be abandoned in Japan if the species is added to the list, as many people in the country are raising them.

The list covers nonnative creatures that may cause harm to ecosystems, the human body or the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries, such as the venomous fire ant, native of South America.

Species newly added to the list are foreign crayfish belonging to four groups, including marbled crayfish, which reproduce without fertilization, and dwarf crayfish, popular in Japan as a pet.

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