Hackers Release Data Possibly Stolen from Capcom


Osaka, Nov. 11 (Jiji Press)--A group of cybercriminals on Wednesday published on the internet part of data it claims to have stolen from Japanese gaming giant Capcom Co. <9697>.

According to investigative sources, the group, which calls itself Ragnar Locker, had been demanding a deal with Capcom. The police department of Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, is collecting information on the case after being asked by the company for advice.

The cybercrime group has released multiple statements including one saying that it stole about a terabyte of data from a server of Capcom, based in the city of Osaka, the capital of the prefecture, according to the sources.

The group said it published 67 gigabytes out of the hacked data online after the company did not respond to its demand for a transaction by the group-set deadline of 8 a.m. Wednesday (11 p.m. Tuesday GMT). Special software is needed to download the published data, but some of the content is viewable, such as what are believed to be images from passports.

“We will refrain from commenting on the details from a security standpoint, but we have not confirmed leaks of customer information at this point,” Capcom said.

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